Engineering & Automation
Automation for Injection Molding

Thin Wall Packaging molds usually require In Mold Labeling systems or take-out automation.

BAZIGOS' offers integrated IML systems by the market's best providers, either an established partner indicated by the end-customer or assuming the responsibility of finding the best fit, according to customer requirements.

Undertaking the fine-tuning of engineering details and coordination of the complete solution, this approach saves time and assures first-time-right applications.

  • In Mold Labeling
    For single and multi cavity molds, decorating all sides of the packaging product

The launch of a new packaging product involves many stakes holders and major investments.

BAZIGOS supports its partners by becoming the single point of reference, from the early stage of conceptual product design to the delivery of the fully operational system.

Turn Key solutions deliver integrated, IMM - Mold - IML systems, fully test and configured for optimum cycle times, ready to add value.

  • Analysis
    Product concept, IML and Injection Molding Machine specifications, budget and project plan
  • Design
    Design and engineering of the Injection Mold, integration of Injection Molding Machine and IML system
  • Implementation
    Configuration and fine tuning of the integrated system in BAZIGOS' premises, delivering a system ready to produce
Development & Industrialization

Innovative product development involving research, design, engineering of mold, dies, assembly machines, conveyors, automation integration with existing production lines.


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    High Precision Parts
    High Precision Parts
    High Precision Parts

    BAZIGOS' versatile, highly accurate manufacturing and measuring equipment and the agile operational model is ideal for the production of high mix - low volume orders of precision components.

    Made-to-order according to customer designs and specifications and delivered on time accompanied by QC certifications, the highly complex and volatile processes of these orders are usually disrupting for the end-customer. 

    Usually destined for high speed assembly machines or production equipment for various industries, these components vary greatly in terms of geometries, raw materials and finishes.

    Made mostly of hot and cold work steel grades or aluminum, with all kinds of surface and heat treatments such as through-hardening, nitriding, anodizing and coatings.

    • 100+
      High mix-low volume customer orders delivered on time
    • 1000+
      Distinct designs manufactured per year
    • 5000+
      Parts delivered annually, each one certified by strict Quality Control processes